Sex scenes require as much careful choreography as fights or dances, especially in the #MeToo era.
Is your rehearsal room ready to go there?”

 – Carey Purcell  contributing writer for American Theatre

Intimacy Coordination and Choreography

IC en Scene works with the Director and Actor(s), to stage all things intimate from a casual kiss to a sexually explicit scene for film, theater and photography. Ensuring the actors’ security and navigating them through the process. Making sure the cast, and crew understand fully how the intimacy fits into the narrative. That those participating in the intimacy feel safe. That consent is ongoing. That there are clear steps of how to report harassment : to whom and where. That all those participating know that the expectations and conditions of the intimacy has been fully communicated and agreed too prior to the blocking of the scene (s). And that actors have time and a safe place to adjust and get out of character afterwards.

When do you need to Hire an Intimacy Choreographer or Intimacy Coordinator?

  • Scenes with Simulated Sex.
  • Scenes Involving simulated genital contact. (above or below clothing)
  • Scenes with Intense kissing.
  • Scenes with simulated kissing.
  • When there is a specialized movement/ or suggestive movement. (burlesque/strip-tease/ lap dance/ menage a trois/group sex.)
  • Scenes involving sexual trauma.
  • If there are any preexisting challenges within the company that would benefit from an unbiased outsider to monitor the situation and serve as a mediator.