Meet the Team

With backgrounds in acting, directing and modeling, Nedra and Asha both understand the pressure that artists often face to say, “yes” on set, even when the demands of a scene make them uncomfortable. Not wanting to be perceived as “difficult,” and feeling as though a job may be at stake if  boundaries are set, is all too familiar to many artists. Only in very recent years has the role of the Intimacy Coordinator been offered as a solution to this communication gap and become an essential part of the growth in the film and fashion industry; ensuring that all involved understand how the intimacy fits into the narrative of the piece and that the channels of communication are clear and open. It is with great enthusiasm that Nedra and Asha have turned their 25 years of friendship and years of collective industry experience into founding IC En Scene—an organization owned, operated and run by women to support a healthy, safe space so that creativity can flourish.

Nedra Gallegos

Intimacy Coordinator,
Intimacy Choreographer,

Why I’m an Intimacy Coordinator? I have been acting since I was 13 and during my time working in theatre and film: I was taught that I was responsible for navigating dangerous waters. That my job was to deflect other’s bad behavior and if sexual misconduct occurred it was because I wasn’t paying attention or I put myself in a compromising position. I was the one at fault. Being an Intimacy Coordinator, allows me to make sure all artists involved can work collaboratively, safely and with dignity. Which makes the future of theatre and film bright and hopeful and I am proud to be a part of that future.

Asha Cybele Mollier

Asha Cybele picture

Intimacy Coordinator,
Intimacy Choreographer,
Certified in MHFA

As a former model and actress, I have first-hand work experience in environments where a lack of privacy and invasive photography and filming were the norm. In an industry that prides itself on edginess and pushing boundaries, reports of misconduct weren’t always taken seriously.

I was drawn to the field of intimacy coordination after I transitioned behind the camera and learned about the challenges of filming intimate scenes from the director’s point of view.

The presence of an intimacy coordinator, as a trained mediator, would have reduced conflict between actors and directors as issues of consent are navigated rather than ignored or miscommunicated.

In today’s post-Weinstein world, Intimacy Coordinators are more important than ever, to coach actors through scenes of sexual content, while helping directors achieve their artistic vision.

I am committed to being at the forefront of this innovative new field and implementing the tools to address the specific needs and power dynamic inherent in this unique workspace.


Maribelle Fonseca
Market Director, Global Media Development