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With backgrounds in acting, directing and modeling,  Asha understands the pressure that artists often face to say, “yes” on set, even when the demands of a scene make them uncomfortable. Not wanting to be perceived as “difficult,” and feeling as though a job may be at stake if  boundaries are set, is all too familiar to many artists. Only in very recent years has the role of the Intimacy Coordinator been offered as a solution to this communication gap and become an essential part of the growth in the film and fashion industry; ensuring that all involved understand how the intimacy fits into the narrative of the piece and that the channels of communication are clear and open.

Asha Cybele Mollie

Asha Cybele Mollier

Asha Cybele is an Intimacy Coordinator, Certified Covid Compliance Officer, Actor, Writer, Radio Host as well as a fundraiser. She is a member of Actor’s Equity and SAG/AFTRA. Asha Cybele offers a wide variety of services ranging from consulting to coaching to choreography, any of which can be combined and tailored to fit your show’s particular needs.A veteran of film and theatre, Asha has raised millions by connecting donors with the fiscal stewardship of creative projects they’re passionate about. This approach is on display in one of her most recent projects,Rooted in Peace, a powerful new documentary that has attracted ͞the participation of such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Noble Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, director David Lynch and media mogul Ted Turner, to name but a few.

Intimacy Coordinator,
Intimacy Choreographer,
Certified in MHFA

Heather Ondersma

Heather Ondersma

Heather Ondersma served as the intimacy coordinator for the upcoming independent feature films Anna Comes Home and Capsules. She has also created the intimacy for virtual theatre projects Way Down Here, Grandma’s Girls, Mikvah and A Lesson at the Mall as well as the plays Spring Awakening, Lysistrata, and Sus Manos. Her specialties include working on coming-of-age stories, working with young actors and historical pieces. Heather’s background includes two decades directing and producing over fifty theatre projects (NYC, Prague, Santa Barbara, LA, Vancouver and the virtual realm). She is a member of Lincoln Center Directors Lab (2000). She has commissioned, directed or produced many plays that examine little-known stories of women in history. Heather has completed 300 hours of intimacy training, primarily with Theatrical Intimacy in Education (TIE), the National Society of Intimacy Professionals, and Principal Intimacy Professionals.

Covid Compliance Officer
Intimacy Coordinator


Maribelle Fonseca
Market Director, Global Media Development